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What’s Happening to the Engineering Library?

The Engineering Library is not going away.

The book collection will be transferred to other libraries on campus. The space will remain open to students, electronic resources will be enhanced, and the computers and librarians will remain on-site.

What’s going on?

The Engineering Library at Cornell has about 200,000 volumes. A study in 2009 showed that only 1% of them were checked out in the past 5 years. Thinking beyond traditional library models, the Advisory Committee to Re-envision the Engineering Library, in support of the university’s strategic planning, developed a set of recommendations to improve support for the teaching and research mission of the College of Engineering.

The Books

In June 2011, those books used in the last 5 years will be divided up, with 20,000 going to Uris Library (including all course reserves) and some to the Mathematics and Mann Libraries. The remainder will go to the Library Annex.

The Librarians

The librarians will remain on-site and available for individual, group, and classroom reference help, and to continue developing the print and electronic collections.

The Computers

All computers in the library–including those in the 4 ACCEL labs on the first and second floor–will remain in place.

Electronic Resources & the Website

We have already begun to add new electronic resources to our website, including:
  • SAE Technical Papers
  • ASHRAE Standards
  • ASTM Standards
  • SPIE Digital Library
  • Journal backfiles
We will continue to add more new resources in the future. We will be revising our web presence to provide enhanced access to electronic engineering resources.

The Space

Carpenter Hall will remain open as a place for study, meeting, computing and teaching. There is also a possibility that the space will be open 24/7, accessible via keycard for any current student, staff or faculty. Over the coming months, we will be gathering information and asking for suggestions from students, faculty, and staff about the future of the Engineering Library and it’s resources. Questions? Email:
By Jeremy Cusker (, Engineering Library, Cornell University, November 2010