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Sticker Shock: The High Price of Journals

October 11, 2019

Compare these pricey items to the cost of some of the 740 journals we subscribe to at the Engineering Library. (All prices current as of December, 2013).   Remember: In an academic journal, neither the authors, reviewers, nor editors receive any money. 100% of all subscription fees go to the publisher. $330 For $330 you […]


Celebrating 130 Years of Cornell University Engineering Libraries, 1887-2017

October 9, 2019

Early Engineering Student Publications The Crank, 1887-1891          Sibley Journal, 1892-1935                Cornell Engineer, 1935-1994 Early references to Engineering Library in Sibley Hall, 1888 References are from early engineering student journal The Crank. This and other issues can be seen online via Cornell Historical Monographs Collection, […]


Making It At Cornell University Library: Developing the CUL Makerspace

“Makerspaces, sometimes also referred to as hackerspaces, hackspaces, and fablabs are creative . . . spaces where people can gather to create, invent, and learn… ” Kroski (2013) Why in a library? Library is already a place of knowledge creation New technology and new educational curricula break down distinction between thinking, writing and creating […]


Looking for a free version of an online article? Try Unpaywall.

What is Unpaywall? Unpaywall is a browser plug-in that will tell you when a scientific journal article is available for free, either to you or anyone else. It indicates that the article is legally available through author archiving, a repository, or through Open Access. Unpaywall is available for most major browsers and, once installed, it […]


Hollister Hall, Carpenter Hall and the Future of the Engineering Quad

September 9, 2019

Goals for the Engineering Quad (This project is now on hold – 2021) The College of Engineering completed a Master Plan in 2017, which included a goal of the renovation of Hollister Hall. Studies of specific plans for Hollister have continued through 2019. Hollister Hall and the DeFrees Hydraulics Lab in 2019 Hollister Hall is […]